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The FrameVue™ Digital Picture Frame will make your memories last forever.
Imagine being able to relive your fondest memories at the touch of a button - moments that once lived only in your mind, are now kept alive forever.

Remember Your Friends Forever

Whether it's a family vacation or a loved one's graduation, FrameVue creates a space where you can enjoy the nostalgia of those memories whenever you need them.

Moving Pictures

There is a unique emotional connection that comes with seeing cherished memories in a video. It's a tangible way to hold onto moments that are close to your heart. Every photo tells a story - and with FrameVue™, you can share those stories with the people who matter most.

How To Upload Videos

Easily transfer your favorite memories to FrameVue™ using the included USB cable.

Simply connect the frame to your computer (compatible with both Mac and Windows) and copy your videos and/or photos to the designated folders.

You can upload up to 1GB of videos and photos (Roughly 300-600 photos or 2 hours of video)

Upload multiple files to play them in sequence. If you upload only one video, it will play in a loop.

Does It Need Batteries?

Nope! The FrameVue™ is USB rechargable. A charging cable is included in all orders. 

When the FrameVue™ is fully charged, it will have a battery life of up to 8 hours.

Does It Have Sound?

Yes! The built in speaker can be toggled on and off, by clicking the mute button on the back of the frame.

Other Details

The screen is 5 inches in a 6 inch frame.

FrameVue™ supports JPEG and video uploads.

Customer Reviews

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Nasir Lehner

Very good

Julien Hessel


Destany Ward

Omg , one of the best things i have ordered!!!!!

Karley Steuber

I knew would be an amazing idea, but it’s a way better than I expected. The good feature that I didn’t know about is the screen rotation . Really recommended

Elinore Weimann

Great product